US Sailing Roadshow at NCS 8/3/2011
August 2, 2011

Come down to the Jetties Sailing Center to participate in the US Sailing Roadshow!

The US Sailing Roadshow will be visiting Nantucket tomorrow, Wednesday, August 3rd.  NCS will be hosting them at our Jetties Beach Site and while our junior programs will be working with them in the morning and into the afternoon, we'd would like to invite you to come down from 1-3:30pm to demo boats, windsurfers and SUPs! 

US Sailing Roadshow will be bringing 5 O'Pen Bics, 2 SUPs, and 2 Windsurfers.  The Roadshow is to offer coaching, assistance with programs, clinics for race teams, or just general program support for a day.  After they have visited Nantucket and Nantucket Community Sailing, they will blog about their experience with our island and the NCS program.  Whether of not you make it to Jetties tomorrow, you can read more about the experience and about the US Roadshow by clicking the following links.

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