Do you know...whats going on at NCS?
May 1, 2014

The May NCS Newsletter is in!

 CLICK HERE to read all about what's going on at Nantucket Community Sailing this spring!

  • Capital Campaign close to the finish line!        
  • NCS Instructor makes Nantucket Scholastic News
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • 2014 Nantucket Race Week News
  • 2014 Programs Still Available
  • Shop NCS, NRW & NRW Merchandise
  • NHS Whalers readying for May's regattas
  • IMPORTANT Summer Events Calendar

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Don't forget about the NCS Polpis Bus!  Save time, gas money, and the environment by using this service!  You can register directly through the NCS Registration page or call the NCS office directly at 508-228-6600.

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