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Jetties Sailing Center

The Jetties Sailing Center will open June 24th!!

Reserve Your JSC Lessons/Rentals



Please note: the Jetties Sailing Center rental site will be closed on Friday, August 12th from 12pm - 5pm and closed all day Saturday, August 13th. The site will need to be closed for the Boston Pops performance and fireworks set-up.


JSC Rental Guidelines:
Our goal at the Jetties Sailing Center is to provide safe and enjoyable access to sailing and water sports activities for both members and the general public. We hope that every customer leaves our site feeling that they have had a rewarding experience.


Open Sailing Area
Nantucket Community Sailing's Open Sailing Area (OSA) at its Jetties Sailing Center is defined by the following boundaries: The west jetty, to the NW; the channel to the East; and First Point/Brant Point to the SE/S. Please refer to the laminated map at the JSC or here for more detail. Nantucket Community Sailing must be able to see a rental boat on the water at all times, so open sailors are encouraged to follow this mantra: If you can see us, we can see you. The OSA was defined according to NCS safety resources, including the number of safety/rescue/tow boats on site, the number of staff available to assist open sailors, and the range of a handheld radio. Open sailors who do not obey the OSA will be hailed by radio or notified in person by a safety boat, and will be asked to return to the OSA. Open sailors who ignore the boundaries of the OSA more than 3 (three) times in a season will no longer be able to use or rent NCS sailboats, at the discretion of the Site Manager. No NCS members will be approved to go beyond the OSA. Can I sail to Coatue or Brant Point?  By taking out NCS equipment, the customer or member agrees to stay within the Open Sailing Area.

PFDs (Life Jackets)
Every customer, using any piece of equipment at the Jetties Sailing Center, must wear a properly fitting, zipped, US Coast Guard approved Type-III PFD at all times when on the water. Customers may bring their own PFD that meets these guidelines, or they may use an NCS PFD, free of charge.

Open Sailing Checkout
Nantucket Community Sailing requires all customers, both members and non-members, of the Jetties Sailing Center, who would like to rent a sailboat for open sailing, pass our Open Sailing Quiz (for all sailboats), followed by an on-the-water checkout (for Rhodes 19s and Marshall Cat 15s only). This quiz and checkout will be administered free of charge and the outcome of the quiz and checkout will be recorded on the customer’s waiver (which will be filed on-site; may be referenced moving forward at the site; and will be valid for two sailing seasons.) Open Sailing checkouts will be available whenever the Jetties Sailing Center is open, conditions are safe and staff members are available. An example of the Open Sailing Quiz can be found here. The quiz must be done by the single individual, in the presence of JSC staff and not more than once per day. The on-water Open Sailing Check for Rhodes 19 and Marshall Cat 15 rentals will include:

  • A rigging demonstration/check by NCS staff
  • A discussion of the Open Sailing Area
  • A discussion and review of safety equipment on-board and how to call for help/assistance (review of handheld radio use; safety cards in the boats; and review of “safety position”)
  • A discussion of when the boat is due back to the NCS mooring
  • A check of the following skills:
    •  Properly dropping the mooring
    • Understanding of wind direction
    • Ability to sail upwind, on a reach, and downwind
    • Ability to tack and gybe
    • Ability to hold “Safety Position”
    • Ability to return to the mooring in current/catch the mooring

After the on-the-water checkout for Rhodes 19 and Marshall Cart 15 sailors, if the NCS instructor feels that the customer is of a skill level sufficient for open sailing, s/he will then leave the customer for the remainder of their rental. Open Sailing checkouts for Sunfish, Lasers and the Hobie will consist of the Open Sailing Quiz only. If a customer fails to pass an Open Sailing Quiz or Checkout, s/he will be refunded for the rental and encouraged to take a private lesson. For members and non-members, the checkout is part of the two-hour rental - and the time used for the checkout will be taken out of the rental time.

Private Sailing Lessons
Nantucket Community Sailing offers 2-hr private sailing lessons at the Jetties Sailing Center in Rhodes 19s, Marshall Cat 15s, Sunfish, windsurfers, Lasers, the Hobie Getaway (and 420s per the Program Director). Lessons can be booked from 10am-12pm, 1-3pm, and 3-5pm. Private lesson guidelines:

No more than 4 four individuals may take a lesson at any one time (five person maximum, including instructor, in a Rhodes 19/Marshall Cat 15). A max of 3 students is recommended. JSC Adult Private Lessons are intended for adults (18+) and teaching younger students will be at the manager’s discretion. Students under 13 should book private lessons at Polpis through our website here.

Lessons are available 7 days/week and may be scheduled by calling the Jetties Sailing Center (508-228-5358), by speaking with an employee at the customer service shack, or by booking online in the summer months here. (This site is only active starting two weeks in advance of our opening day each year in June.)

The JSC books lessons two weeks out and the lesson must be paid for in full prior to the lesson (at the time of arrival for the lesson).

A waiver must be signed for each individual participating in a rental or lesson, with a legible printed name. A parent/guardian may sign a waiver for any children under his/her guardianship, but each name of each child should be printed on the single waiver.

Checking out/ Returning Equipment 
All customers/members using equipment at the Jetties Sailing Center are required to pay for and/or check the equipment out at the customer service shack prior to using the equipment. All customers/members must check back in with the customer service shack upon the end of their rental. 

The JSC may close for bad weather at the discretion of the Site Manager. A message will be posted on the JSC voicemail.  Nantucket Community Sailing, at its sole discretion, may determine that weather conditions are unsuitable for sailing or water sports and may limit or prohibit the use of boats or equipment.

Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking
All of Nantucket Community Sailing's sites are drug, alcohol and tobacco free. This includes e-cigarettes. Alcohol may not be taken on any NCS boats. Glass bottles of any kind are also prohibited on NCS equipment.


Customers and Members:

  • The customer or member is ultimately responsible for their own safety and for checking weather conditions, tides, and currents prior to rental.
  • Nantucket Community Sailing reserves the right to revoke and membership at any time, without refund, for abuse of the membership or violation of NCS policies.
  • All Coast Guard, State, and local laws must be observed at all times when using NCS equipment. If you are unclear about these laws, please ask an NCS staff member.
  • The customer or member is responsible for inspecting boat and safety equipment prior to leaving the beach or mooring and request any equipment that might be necessary (such as radio, lines, blocks, etc.)
  • By taking the boat, the customer or member acknowledges that the boat is safe and seaworthy and properly equipped and agrees to the terms of NCS membership and rentals.
  • Upon return, the customer or member must notify the Jetties Sailing Center shack of any problem that occurred during the rental, including any damage to an NCS boat or another boat.
  • Per the terms of the NCS waiver, customers accept full responsibility for all losses, costs, and damages incurred as a result of their participation in the activity.
P.O. Box 2424, Nantucket, MA 02584
NCS Office: 508-228-6600 | Jetties Sailing Center: 508-228-5358
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