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NCS Program Details


All-Island Opti Race Team (ages 7-15)
November 7, 2015

The Opti Race Program is the most advanced program for young Optimist sailors on-island. In 2014, Nantucket Yacht Club, Nantucket Community Sailing and Great Harbor Yacht Club joined their Opti Race teams to offer the All-Island Opti Race Team. The mission is to enhance the experience and skill level of Nantucket Opti racers by improving opportunity for high-level instruction, training and competition. Admittance to the program will be based upon skill level, commitment, maturity and desire to improve and will be by invitation only (by the student's home program director).

Team members must commit to a minimum of 2 weeks of participation, with 6-9 weeks encouraged and preferred. Practices will run from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.

Price Change - The increased price reflects a $35 pinnie that each team member will be given. This will be worn while competing off-island.

The Racing Program focuses on the more advanced aspects of racing, such as performance boat handling, acceleration, upwind strategies, mark-rounding, downwind and reaching tactics, advanced tacking and gibing techniques, tactical finishes, sailing rules, etc. Students in the class are considered members of a team. Once on the team, sailors are strongly encouraged to continue in the Opti until they "age out' or "weigh out,' meaning they either turn 16 or weigh over 125 pounds.

When sailors attend off-island regattas, All-Island coaches will pay for all meals, housing and transportation up front. Sailors' individual accounts will then be billed for all regatta fees for the individual student and a share for the travel coach - once all expenses have been reconciled. The team makes every effort to stay with host families at the local yacht clubs we visit; and sailors are guided to stay within certain cost limits for dinners. Lunches and breakfasts are almost always provided by the host club. Other expenses billed for include: costs for moving off-island opti trailers, fuel for vehicles and coach boats, and ferry tickets. Ferry tickets are purchased at a team travel rate. Occasional expenses beyond this may include hotel rooms when home-stays are not available and rental cars when a large number of sailors are traveling.

FAQ: When is a sailor "too big" for an Opti?

NCS Opti coaches recommend that a sailor who is over 115 lbs. and/or 5'2" sail in either Whalers Class, if under 12 years of age, or Teen Green, if 12 years of age or older. Private lessons may also be taken.

Decommissioning - Participants are expected to help decommission the Opti Docks after Race Week. Mark your calendars!

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