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NCS Program Details


Whalers (ages 6-8)
November 23, 2019

Students who are brand new to sailing or have little prior sailing experience, are placed in our Whalers class. This class, taught in primarily RS Quests, allows students to learn the basics of sailing. Students will first learn to sail alongside 2-3 peers and an instructor. This "bigger" boat experience will provide a comfortable environment for basic skill acquisition. After mastering the basic sailing skills, boat parts, points of sail, water safety, seamanship and sportsmanship, students will progress into sailing more independently with their peers and being coached by an instructor in a motorboat alongside. An emphasis will be placed on learning, safety and fun! When the student's individual instructor, as well as the lead instructor of the Whalers class, feels that the student understands the rudiments of sailing and can handle a tiller and main sail on their own, the student is invited to move into the Opti Green class.

The Whalers Class will be held at Polpis Harbor, Monday - Friday mornings from 9:15 AM -11:45 PM and Monday - Friday afternoons from 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM.

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