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Community Outreach & Scholarships

NCS is Proud to Supports the Local Community

Nantucket Community Sailing is excited to announce that each season we are able to increase our numbers of Nantucket youth participating in the NCS programs. We are also proud to say that at least 90% of these Nantucket youth participants received scholarships. Half of those students are first-time sailors and received a two week sailing scholarship, while the others are returning students and received a one week sailing scholarship. While funding is available, we grant a scholarship to every local child who requests one. Our goal would be to one day offer full scholarships to every child.

This year we are continuing our focus on increasing local youth participation in our programs and have every expectation that there will be even more local youth participation than last year. We likewise anticipate that this will increase our scholarship needs.

It is our goal to give local youth residents every opportunity to learn the life-long skills of sailing. The scholarships that we are able to grant are integral to realizing this goal. The support of private donors is very important to us at Community Sailing and is sincerely appreciated by island children and their families.

In addition to our individual scholarship, NCS also offers support to a variety of organizations and events that help to support the local community and the youth on the island. In 2012, NCS donated over $55,000.00 in support, discounts and lessons to such groups as Boys & Girls Club, Maria Mitchell Association, Iron Team Relay, Nantucket Triathlon, Maritime Festival, Nantucket High School Sailing and AccesSport/Star.

With your help, the NCS scholarship program can continue to grow and reach as many island children as possible. Please click here to support our scholarship program.

If you have a sailor that would like to apply for a scholarship for the 2014 season, please click here for the application.