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Nantucket Community Sailing Adult Programs 

Nantucket Community Sailing offers a number of opportunities for adults to learn to sail.  Similar to our youth programs, the focus is kept on fundamental sailing skills, basic boat care, water safety, and an appreciation for the sport of sailing. Adults can participate in private lessons, group lessons, racing series or the Women's Sailing Clinic.

Also available at the Jetties Sailing Center are open sailing opportunities, which are free to those who join as a Jetties Sailing Center member.  Available boats generally include Rhodes 19s, Sunfish, Lasers, and Marshall Cats.

As with all NCS programs, we ask that students wear appropriate shoes when participating in any Adult Program.The Jetties Sailing Center is scheduled to open June 20, 2015. 

Jetties Sailing Center Private Lessons

Adult private lessons are offered in two hour blocks, seven days a week, rain or shine, at the Jetties Sailing Center. Students who are interested in Open Sailing opportunities are encouraged to polish their skills through private lessons. Instruction may include basic sailing concepts or more advanced racing skills, depending on the interests and ability level of the student.  There are three private lesson blocks during a day; 10am - 12pm, 1pm -3pm, and 3pm - 5pm.  Registration for private lessons may now be made directly through the NCS website up until 3pm the day before a lesson.  After 3pm the day before the lesson, you may call the Jetties Sailing Center directly at 508-228-5358 to schedule a private lesson.

Adult Private Keelboat Sailing Lessons at Children's Beach

Three-hour private lessons are offered on one of our J/105 keelboats for adults interested in learning the basics involved with sailing on a larger vessel.  Lesson topics will vary according to the skill level of the sailor(s). Space is limited to 5 sailors per lesson (ages 8 yrs+, provided there is an adult participating in the lesson). Lessons are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 1:15pm - 4:15pm. 

**NOTE: Lessons may be available on Sundays, providing instructor availability. Please call the NCS Main Office at 508-228-6600 to inquire about Sunday lessons**

Private Windsurfing Lessons at Jetties Sailing Center

Private windsurfing lessons are offered to all age groups every day, throughout the summer, rain or shine, in one hour increments. Please call the Jetties Sailing Center, beginning in mid-June, at 508 228 5358 to schedule a lesson.  


Family Cruise to Coatue

NCS is once again hosting a Family Cruise to Coatue! On Friday evening, July 31st from 5:00pm - 8:00pm, participants will meet NCS instructors at our Jetties Sailing Center. Participants will then sail as a group in Rhodes 19s, Marshall Cat 15s, RS Visions, etc., with the help of an instructor in each boat, over to Second Point (distance will depend on tide and weather.) Once anchored off Coatue, families and instructors can enjoy a picnic dinner, play games and relax before sailing back to the Jetties Sailing Center.

This event is intended to gather NCS students and their parents (or NCS students and their children!) in one setting, to enjoy an evening sail together. (Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian). Families must register each participant individually and each participant must be over the age of 15 years, or otherwise must have a parent or guardian attend the event with them. Each participant is responsible for their own food and beverage. Please note: The maximum number of people per boat is 4 students 1 instructor, so larger families will have to split up.

*This event will also be open to any friends of NCS, who have their own craft. They may sail to meet us at Coatue, and enjoy their picnics with us.

Women's Sailing Clinic

The Women's Sailing Clinic is designed to specifically give adult women, of all ages and skill levels, the opportunity to learn to sail, or to refine previous sailing skills, at the Jetties Sailing Center.  Focus is placed on teaching and reviewing the fundamentals, as well as introducing students to the basics of racing.  Key goals of the class include building confidence and ensuring that students are comfortable on the water.

Classes are taught primarily in Rhodes 19s or Marshall 15s with an instructor and 2-3 students onboard. In the case of inclement weather there will be a "chalk-talk" and on-land instruction will still take place.

A single clinic will be offered this year on Tuesday evenings from 5:30pm - 7:30pm.  This clinic will offer both beginner and intermediate/beginner racing instruction, by splitting the student-group in half each night and tailoring lesson plans to the skills of each group. 

The beginner group lesson plan and water drills will be oriented towards introductory sailing concepts and will be intended for our beginner sailors, or those sailors who may be looking to enjoy a more relaxed approach to learning and sailing.

The intermediate/beginner racing lesson plan and water drills will be oriented towards more advanced sailing concepts and beginner racing techniques and is intended for those students who may be looking to "take the next step."  A women's clinic student may follow the progression from the beginner group to the intermediate group on Tuesday evenings, and eventually advance to "Thursday Rhodes Racing" once she feels comfortable and as she is interested.

The Women's Clinic has limited spaces available.  As always, Women's Clinic is based on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a clinic is showing "filled," please put yourself on the wait-list as we often have cancellations throughout the summer.

Members of the Jetties Sailing Center (and the Westmoor Club) are eligible to receive a 50% discount of the cost of the clinic.  If you are not yet a member, you may join as an NCS Jetties Sailing Center member within the registration, otherwise the fee for women's clinic is $60 per clinic.  Should you need to cancel your enrollment for a clinic, you must do so at least 24hrs before the clinic is scheduled to take place.  If you do not cancel and do not attend the clinic, you will still be responsible for payment.  There are no refunds issued due to inclement weather.  We ask that you be sure to include your cell phone information during registration, so that we may contact you in case of inclement weather.  If you have questions, please contact the NCS Main Office at 508-228-6600.

** NOTE: There is no Women's Clinic on August 11th, 2015 due to Nantucket Race Week.  However there may be a Women's Fun Sail as a part of Nantucket Race Week on Tuesday, August 11th, 2015.  This event is not included in the NCS Women's Clinic Registration or Membership.  More on how to register for this event will be available on the Nantucket Race Week website at www.nantucketraceweek.org.**

On two Tuesday clinic evenings throughout the summer, Nantucket Yacht Club and Great Harbor Yacht Club host "All-island Women's Sails" followed by dinner at the host club.  Nantucket Community Sailing women's clinic sailors are invited to participate in these events.  More information will follow later this spring.

Thursday Rhodes Racing

New in 2014, on Thursday evenings, Nantucket Community Sailing will offer an opportunity for racing in NCS Rhodes 19s as part of Great Harbor Yacht Club's Jobson Race Series.  This is an excellent way for adult sailors (18+), who feel comfortable recreationally sailing and/or have basic racing experience, but who are interested in learning to race or brushing up on their racing skills, to do so in a practice environment, with an instructor-coach on-board. Generally, two windward-leeward courses will be sailed, with the option for a third. Spinnakers will be used by those boats that are interested, although they are not a requirement for participation. 

For more information on Thursday Rhodes Racing please CLICK HERE.

Visit www.nantucketraceweek.org and www.operahousecup.org to learn about Nantucket Race Week!