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NCS Programs for ages 13 - 18 years


Teen Green Sailing at the Jetties Sailing Center (ages 13-18)

For sailors who have completed youth classes at the Polpis Harbor site and who may need more experience prior to jumping into the 420 class, or for sailors who are new to sailing and are between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, our Teen Green class, held at the Jetties Sailing Center, provides an additional setting for sailing education for teens.

The Teen Green Class at the Jetties Sailing Center is designed to introduce our teenaged students to more technical boats, such as Rhodes 19s and 420s.  Students will learn two ways: At the start of a session, they will sail in Rhodes 19s with the help of an instructor and 2-3 peers on board; as the session progresses they will sail in Rhodes 19s or 420s independently with another peer, while coached from a skiff. Focus will be on teamwork, basic sailing techniques, and boat handling in a variety of conditions.

The Teen Green class is also a sufficient precursor to the Teen Keelboat program, although it is not a prerequisite. We ask that students wear appropriate shoes when participating in the Teen Green Program. The Teen Green program has both a morning and afternoon session available. The sessions are held at the Jetties Sailing Center Monday-Friday either in the mornings from 9:30am - 12:00 pm or in the afternoons from 1:00pm - 3:30pm. **Please see note below 420 Blue**

Don't forget to dress appropriately for the various NCS Fun Days throughout the summer!

420 Blue at the Jetties Sailing Center (ages 13-18)

Upon completion of the Teen Green program, or according to skill level, students' ages 13-18 years are invited to participate in our more advanced 420 Blue program. At just under 14' in length, 420s are often sailed in collegiate programs, and allow the student the opportunity to sail with one other student in a more sensitive and technical racing dinghy. The 420 Blue program is designed to introduce sailors to the basics of flying a spinnaker, using a trapeze and roll tacking, among other skills. Focus is placed on continuing to build upon those skills acquired in the Teen Green program, with greater weight placed on racing techniques and boat speed. We ask that students wear appropriate shoes when participating in the 420 Blue Program. The 420 Blue program is held at the Jetties Sailing Center Monday - Friday mornings from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm.

**NOTE:Nantucket Community Sailing's instructors and coaches recommend that Teen Green and 420 Blue sailors sign up for as many continuous sessions as possible throughout the summer. For sailors in a beginner or intermediate class, more "tiller time" throughout the summer, will help sailors to become proficient more quickly-- providing them with the opportunity to join the 420 Red/Racing team.

For those Teen Green and 420 Blue sailors looking to sail with us all day, or to try sailing in a new boat, NCS instructors and coaches recommend that they sail Teen Green or 420 Blue in the mornings (per their placement) and Keelboat Blue in the afternoons. The Keelboat Blue program will give teens an opportunity unlike any other in the area: to race as a crew (with their peers) on a 35' keel boat throughout the Cape and Islands. The introductory skills acquired in the morning classes will provide a strong base for skills needed in the afternoon class. Please see the Keelboat Blue class description below.**

Don't forget to dress appropriately for the various NCS Fun Days throughout the summer!

420 Red/Racing Team at the Jetties Sailing Center (ages 13-18)


Upon completion of the 420 Blue program or according to skill level, students will be invited to participate in our 420 Red program. Concepts covered in the 420 Red program will include upwind, downwind and reaching tactical strategies; proficient roll tacking and gibing; proficient spinnaker and trapeze work; advanced boat handling; acceleration techniques; and an introduction to team racing. Previous sailing instruction at NCS is a prerequisite and members of the 420 Red Class are considered members of the 420 Racing Team. The class is conducted in a way that emphasizes team participation and coherence, and all team-members are encouraged to participate on the team for as many weeks as possible, with a minimum of two weeks. Students are both invited and expected to travel with the team to compete in a number of on and off-island regattas, which will be scheduled by the 420 racing coach. We ask that students wear appropriate shoes when participating in the 420 Red Program.

On Wednesday afternoons, students will compete in all-island series against 420 racers from the Nantucket Yacht Club and Great Harbor Yacht Club at a mutual on-island sailing location. Other on-island events include team races and Nantucket Race Week in August. Similar to our Optimist Racing Team, travel expenses for off-island events will be the participants' responsibility, although group rates for ferries, etc. are available. All travel arrangements will be made by the coach, who will travel with the team. The 420 Red Class will meet Monday - Friday afternoons from 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

NOTE: NCS will charge a "Regatta Fee," per event, to students who travel with us to compete off island. This fee is not intended to be a financial burden to families and is instead intended to ease the logistics and realities of off-island travel for our coaches, staff, students and families. The fee is intended to cover both costs that families have incurred in the past, as well as a one additional cost that will assist NCS in off-setting the expense of keeping a vehicle and equipment off-island, and paying coaches to travel on weekends. The Regatta Fee will differ in amount, depending on the event (length of the event, number of meals, housing costs if any) and be billed to participants' families following each event.

Note: These regatta fees will be changing before the 2014 season.  NCS coaches will travel with a credit card. The coach/NCS will pay up-front for all ferry tickets, group meals, and any hotel fees. The Regatta Fee that is then billed to a family, following an event, will include:

·        $5 for each breakfast a student buys (rarely purchased; provided at most events or by host family)

·        $10 for each lunch (rarely purchased, provided at every event)

·        $12 for dinner (almost always purchased)

·        $x for RT ferry tickets (Group rates- usually $12-$15)

·        $x for housing (NCS will continue to make every effort to find host families off-island, we rarely book hotels)

·        $10 for additional coaching and gas to and from the event

If a student chooses to purchase anything off-island beyond this amount (additional food items, snacks, etc.) it is up to the student to pay for him or herself. It will still be important for students to carry cash- $20- for unforeseen expenses (i.e. ice cream, candy, soda.)

It is expected that a typical regatta fee will run in the range of $45 for an event where housing is provided ($12 in ferry tickets, $24 for two dinners, $10 for coaching, gas, equipment.) The only new expense for families should be the $10 coaching/gas fee.

**NOTE: Since Nantucket Community Sailing's instructors and coaches recommend that 420 Red/Racing sailors sign up for as many contiguous sessions as possible throughout the summer, with the recommendation that a sailor sails for the entire summer, NCS be issue a 25% credit on any 420 Red session booked after their first two weeks of sailing.  420 Red/Racing students are considered members of a team, working both together and as individuals to improve as much as possible over the course of the summer, and to represent NCS at regattas across the Cape and Islands.**

Don't forget to dress appropriately for the various NCS Fun Days throughout the summer!

Teen Introduction to Keelboat Sailing at the Jetties Sailing Center (Keelboat Blue) (ages 13-18)

In the Teen Keelboat Sailing class students ages 13 -18 years will have the opportunity to learn the techniques needed to be part of a crew on a larger sailboat. The same basic skills that are taught on a small sailboat will be tailored toward a larger, faster hull. These include learning how to work a winch, tacking and gibing as a team, learning to drive at a wheel, etc. The goal of this class is to build confidence and experience. Students, as part of the Keelboat Teen class, will participate in a weekly PHRF series on Wednesday evenings from 6:00pm - 8:00 pm. They will also be invited to participate, per the discretion of the Head Instructor in off-island events.

While the Teen Keelboat Sailing class is technically operated out of our Jetties Sailing Center, the sailors will meet at the Children's Beach Ramp on Harbor View Way. Once dropped off, students will meet an NCS instructor and gather together at the Children's Beach location and then taken by skiff to one of the NCS Keelboats. Sailors must wear closed toed shoes or they will not be allowed on board. While sunblock is highly recommended, we ask that no "Spray Sunblock" be used as chemicals react with the finish of the boat. This program operates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1:00pm - 4:00 pm and on Wednesday evenings from 4:30pm-8pm.

Don't forget to dress appropriately for the various NCS Fun Days throughout the summer!

Youth Private Lessons at the Jetties Sailing Center (ages 13-18)

Private lessons for students ages 13 to 18 years are offered in 420s, Laser Radials, Rhodes and Marshall Cats (depending on boat availability) at the Jetties Sailing Center. Weather permitting, these lessons are offered every day for an hour and a half. We ask that students wear appropriate shoes when participating in the Private Lessons. Lessons may be online up to the day before a lesson.  After 3pm the day before a lesson, all scheduling will take place through the Jetties Sailing Center (508-228-5358).

Windsurfing Clinic at the Jetties Sailing Center (ages 10-15)


Windsurfing Clinic at Jetties Sailing Center (ages 10-15) Combining aspects of sailing and surfing on a one-person craft called a sailboard; windsurfing is an excellent way to learn or improve sailing skills; and to learn board control, balance, water starts, and planned jibes. Class size is limited to four students per session and is suggested for students 10 to 15 years old. Students should be at least 75lbs and 4'5". We ask that students wear appropriate shoes when participating in the Windsurfing Clinic. The Windsurfing Clinic runs Monday - Friday from 10:00 am-12:00 pm, beginning June 22nd at the Jetties Sailing Center.

Don't forget to dress appropriately for the various NCS Fun Days throughout the summer!

Private Windsurfing Lessons at the Jetties Sailing Center (all ages)

Private windsurfing lessons are offered to all age groups every day, throughout the summer, rain or shine, for one hour. We ask that students wear appropriate shoes when participating during Windsurfing Lessons. Please call the Jetties Sailing Center, beginning in mid-June, at 508 228 5358 to schedule a lesson.

Family Cruise to Coatue (all ages)

NCS is once again hosting a Family Cruise to Coatue! On Friday evening, July 31st from 5:00pm - 8:00pm, participants will meet NCS instructors at our Jetties Sailing Center. Participants will then sail as a group in Rhodes 19s, Marshall Cat 15s, RS Visions, etc., with the help of an instructor in each boat, over to Second Point (distance will depend on tide and weather.) Once anchored off Coatue, families and instructors can enjoy a picnic dinner, play games and relax before sailing back to the Jetties Sailing Center. This event is intended to gather NCS students and their parents (or NCS students and their children!) in one setting, to enjoy an evening sail together. (Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian). Families must register each participant individually and each participant must be over the age of 15 years, or otherwise must have a parent or guardian attend the event with them. Each participant is responsible for their own food and beverage. Please note: The maximum number of people per boat is 4 students 1 instructor, so larger families will have to split up.

*This event will also be open to any friends of NCS, who have their own craft. They may sail to meet us at Coatue, and enjoy their picnics with us.

Harbor Adventure Club (through the Egan Maritime Institute)

Please note the details on this program are still being fine tuned by the Egan Maritime Institute.

This program is run by the Egan Maritime Institute at the Nantucket Community Sailing's Jetties Sailing Center.

This summer, follow in the footsteps of those heroic islanders who risked their lives braving frigid waters and howling winds to save shipwrecked mariners. Sailors will work together aboard a restored Monomoy Surfboat, learning traditional maritime skills. Together they will explore in and around Nantucket harbor, investigate local marine habitats, visit historical sites, and meet individuals who continue to ply its waters. On the last day, students may also get a chance to row aboard an authentic reproduction of a whaleboat and learn what it was like to be a real whaler.

During the one week sessions, students will develop self-reliance as they master nautical skills and strengthen their collaborative problem-solving ability working with fellow sailors.  Activities will include learning the basics of rigging the boat, knot tying, preparing for travel, researching tides and currents, and working on the coordination of team rowing.

This program is for ages 10 - 13 years old, and no previous boating experience is required, but students should be competent swimmers. Students should wear bathing suits and appropriate (closed toe) shoes. All students are expected to bring a snack, water, sunscreen, a towel, an extra layer and a hat. Students should also bring lunch and extra water and snacks for the extended Friday class. We recommend these items be stored in a water resistant bag. Life jackets will be provided.

The program runs in one-week sessions June 30-August 22, Monday-Friday from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm. Students may sign up for multiple weeks but activities will be repeated. 

This program is capped at eight students, so space will be limited. Registration for this program will also take place on the Program Registration page. If you have additional questions, please contact The Egan Maritime Institutes Andrew Bauld at abauld@eganmaritime.org.

To view a complete list of the 2014 schedules and fees, click here.

Register for any of these programs by clicking here!