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The Nantucket Community Outrigger Canoe Club invites any and all water enthusiasts who crave an invigorating ocean experience to come share the rhythm and spirit of this Hawaiian tradition right here on Nantucket! Nantucket is blessed with warm water and warm winds for most of the summer months making this a healthy and fun way to see the island from a different perspective. Please see contact info below.


From time to time there will be ECORA (East Coast Outrigger Racing Association) sanctioned races on the mainland. For those committed to a regular, rigorous workout, these are great opportunities to experience the intensity of competition and the outrigger ohana. General Schedule - Meet at NCS Beach boxes

MWF 5:30 pm - whenever we're done
MWF 5:30 am - 7:00 ** (**This is an interest driven time slot.) For more information please call Brook Meerbergen at 508.228.1388.

Contact us via email at nantucketoutrigger@hotmail.com.

Click here to view a map of Nantucket Sound