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There are three ways to become an NCS Member:

1. Nantucket Community Sailing Membership:

Join NCS as a member and receive 10% off rentals at the Jetties Sailing center! NCS Memberships start at $75 (Youth Student).  As a member, you are eligible to participate in NCS Programs and are invited to attend the NCS annual meeting in November. To learn more about this membership option, please visit our NCS Membership page.


2. Jetties Sailing Center Membership: 

Become a member of our Jetties Sailing Center and enjoy access to NCS rental equipment including sailboats, windsurfers, kayaks, and paddleboards. Members benefit from the members only hours at the JSC and adult female members receive a discount when enrolling in our Women's Sailing clinic, held Tuesday evenings throughout the summer. Any youth members, who fall under a Family membership, are eligible to participate in NCS youth programs as the NCS youth student membership fee of $75 will be waived. Family and Adult JSC memberships include a free adult sailing lesson and all memberships offer additional lessons at a discounted rate. To learn more about this membership option, please visit our JSC Membership page.


3. NCS Membership Coupons:  

Do you rent your home, own an inn or care to give your employees some time on the water?  Membership coupons may be just right for you!  Each coupon entitles you or your guest to a free day pass to the Jetties Sailing Center.  Coupon holders will be able to enjoy free access to kayaks, windsurfing equipment, large and small sailboats, and paddle boards.  NCS will also provide brochures to display at your request.