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NCS Policies

Nantucket Community Sailing's Policies

NCS Sun Smart Policy:
Nantucket Community Sailing encourages students to come to programs prepared for safe sun exposure: with sunscreen applied to all exposed areas of the body; hat; sunglasses; water bottle; t-shirt and shorts. NCS will encourage parents of students to follow these sun smart tips, among others, by posting them on the NCS website and by communicating them at parent meetings. Program students will also be taught about the importance of safe sun exposure at the first day of every session. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to exhibit safe sun behavior. NCS instructors will be educated about safe sun behavior at NCS orientation, and will be asked to follow the same recommendations that are given to students. NCS instructors will also be educated on signs of excessive sun exposure: sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and the proper first aid to administer in these cases.

NCS Shoes Policy:
The most common of the few injuries we experience each summer are shell cuts due to inappropriate footwear. Your child MUST come to class wearing closed-toe shoes such as an old pair of gym sneakers (that can get wet!), aqua socks or Crocs. Flip-flops and black-soled sneakers (they mark up the boat) are not acceptable. Students without proper footwear will not be allowed to sail.

NCS Youth Program Cancellation Policy:
Prior to June 1st any cancellation out of a program will incur a $50 administration fee to be deducted from the balance refunded. On or after June 1st, provided NCS can fill the program spot, any cancellation out of a program/lesson will incur a $75 administration fee deducted from the balance refunded. If NCS cannot fill the program/lesson the entire fee will be considered non-refundable. There are no refunds offered for missed programs/lessons or programs/lessons cancelled due to bad weather.

NCS Private Lesson Cancellation Policy:
Any cancellation out of a program/lesson will incur a $50 administration fee to be deducted from the balance refunded, provided the cancellation is processed 72 hours ahead of the program/lesson.  There are no refunds offered for missed programs/lessons or programs/lessons cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled event.  In situations where bad weather (to be determined by the instructor as heavy wind or heavy rain) affects a private lesson - the first lesson, if possible, will be taught on land as a "chalk talk", to be determined by the instructor as heavy wind or heavy rain), and any future lessons affected by weather (to be determined by the instructor as heavy wind or heavy rain) will be rescheduled, based on availability, or issued a refund. 

Women's Clinic Extreme Weather Policy:
NCS makes every effort to keep students sailing during the summer.  However, in the case of extreme wind or heavy rain, Women's Clinic will be held on-shore under the tent at the Jetties Restaurant; the NCS instructors will provide an in-depth chalk-talk and on-shore lesson plan. If a Women's Clinic student is enrolled for a second (or third, fourth, etc.) class where an on-shore chalk-talk will be given or where class is cancelled completely, the student may decide not to attend the (second, third, fourth, etc.) chalk-talk, and instead may use the credit for the clinic towards a future Women's Clinic or receive a credit for the full amount of the class to be used towards rental equipment at the Jetties Sailing Center.

Membership Policy:
NCS requires that anyone who wishes to participate within an NCS youth program must be an active NCS member for the current season. If an account is found to not have an active NCS membership in place, NCS will add the minimal membership level ($75) to the incomplete account. Accounts without proper memberships may be at risk for losing their spot within the NCS program. Depending upon the membership level you purchase, all or portion of your membership fee is considered a tax deductible donation to NCS, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and are therefore nonrefundable. To learn more about the NCS membership levels, click here.

Waitlist Policy:
When a program is filled participants are welcome to register for the waitlist of that program. 

Late Pickup Policy:
The NCS programs, and the NCS instructors teaching them, are set to a tight schedule during the summer months.  With that in mind, we ask that parents/guardians make every effort to arrive to pick-up their child(ren) at the designated end time from each NCS Program.  If a parent/guardian is later than 15 minutes to pick-up their student, the students NCS account will be charged a $20 late pick-up fee.

Thursday Rhodes Racing Damage Policy:
Please note that if, during Thursday Rhodes Racing sessions, there are damages to an NCS boat, competitor's boat and/or race committee/support boat, beyond the normal wear and tear on the boats, the participants in the offending boat will be held responsible for the damage and a $100 damage fee will automatically billed to the participants' account.  Every sailor in a boat will be held responsible for damage to the whole boat, unless the instructor deems the damage resultant from the reckless or negligent behavior of a single individual aboard. 

NCS Program Transfer Policy:
Prior to June 1st, any transfers between programs will incur a $10 transfer fee. On or after June 1st, provided NCS can fill the original program spot, any transfers will incur a $75 administrative fee.  If NCS cannot fill the original program spot the parent will be responsible for the entire program fee plus the transfer fee.

NCS Registration Payment Policy:

Payment is due at time of registration.  Nantucket residents who are applying for a scholarship must submit an application for each sailor as soon as possible or not later than the week you have registered with Nantucket Community Sailing.  Once the scholarship has been granted and applied, any and all remaining balances are due in full.

If your account has a balance, the registration is not considered valid until full payment is received.  All balances must be paid two full weeks prior to the start of a session or you will forfeit your spot in class.

Registrants are responsible for any fees that are incurred due to bounced checks or returned payments.



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