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Sailing Instruction: Jetties

Below are descriptions and schedules for Nantucket Community Sailing's Programs at the Jetties Sailing Center for 2010.

Jetties Sailing Center provides a unique setting for a number of NCS sailing and water sport classes, as well as sailboat, kayak rentals and open sailing opportunities. Programs are offered to both older youth students and adult students depending on age, ability and interest.

The following classes are offered at Jetties Sailing Center: Teen Introduction to Sailing, 420 Blue, 420 Red/Racing Team, Youth Introduction to Keelboat Sailing, Teen Introduction to Keelboat Sailing, Adult Introduction to Keelboat Sailing, Water Sports Beach Camp, Windsurfing Program, Adaptive Water Sports Clinics, and an Adult Women's Sailing Clinic. In addition to these group classes, Jetties Sailing Center also offers private lessons and open sailing in Rhodes 19s, Marshall Cats, Laser Radials and Sunfish. Please read the individual class descriptions carefully, as some classes are age and/or ability-specific.

Teen Green Sailing (including introduction and basic sailing)
For sailors who have completed youth classes at the Polpis Harbor site and need more experience prior to jumping into the 420 class, or who are between the ages of 13 and 18 years old, our Jetties Beach site provides an additional setting for sailing education, beginning in the novice, Teen Introduction to Sailing class. This class is designed to introduce students to larger, more technical boats, such as the Rhodes 19 or Marshall Cat 15 with the help of an instructor and 2-3 peers on board. Focus will be on teamwork, basic racing techniques and boat handling in a variety of conditions. Time will be spent preparing students for a transition to the more technical 420, the collegiate racing boat used in our 420 Blue and Red classes, which is sailed without the help of an instructor on board. As soon as the instructor feels that a student can comfortably single-hand sail and understands the basics covered in class, he or she will be invited to participate in our 420 Blue Class. This class is a good precursor to the Keelboat program. The Teen Introduction to Sailing Class is held on Monday-Friday mornings from 9:30 to 12pm. Click here to view the time and schedule for the Teen Green Program.

420 Blue
Upon completion of the Teen Introduction to Sailing class, or according to skill level, students ages 13-18 years old are invited to participate in our more advanced 420 Blue class. At just under 14' in length, 420s are often sailed in collegiate programs, and allow the student the opportunity to sail with one other student in a more sensitive and technical racing dinghy. The 420 Blue class is designed to introduce sailors to the basics of flying a spinnaker, using a trapeze and roll tacking, among other skills. A focus is placed on continuing to build upon those skills acquired in the Teen Introduction to Sailing class, with greater weight placed on racing techniques and boat speed. The 420 Blue class is held Monday - Friday mornings from 9:30am -12pm. Click here to view the time and schedule for the 420 Blue Program.

420 Red/Racing Team
Upon completion of the 420 Blue class, or according to skill level, students will be invited to participate in our 420 Red Class, and, by invitation of the Head 420 Coach, on our 420 Racing Team. Concepts covered in the 420 Red Class will include upwind, downwind and reaching tactical strategies, proficient roll tacking and gibing, proficient spinnaker and trapeze work, advanced boat handling, acceleration techniques, and an introduction to team racing. On Wednesday afternoons, students will compete in all-island series against 420 racers from the Nantucket Yacht Club and Great Harbor Yacht Club. For those 420 Red sailors who have been invited to travel to events with the 420 Racing Team, events will include various off island regattas, team races, and Nantucket Race Week in August. Similar to our Optimist Racing Team, off-island travel expenses will be the participants' responsibility. The Head 420 Coach, who will travel with the team, will make travel arrangement for predetermined team events. The 420 Red Class will meet Monday - Friday afternoons from 1:00-5:00pm. Students are encouraged to participate, with the permission of the head coach, in the Saturday 420 Race Series from 12:00pm- 4:00pm. Click here to view the 420 Red/Racing Schedule.

Youth Private Lessons at Jetties Sailing Center
Private lessons for students ages 13 to 18 years old are offered in 420s, Laser Radials, Rhodes and Marshall Cats (depending on boats available) atJettiesBeach. Weather permitting, these lessons are offered every day for an hour and a half at theJettiesSailingCenter. Lessons may be scheduled through the JettiesSailingCenter (508-228-5358) when it opens in mid-June, and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Junior and Teen Big Boat Sailing at Jetties Sailing Center
For students, ages 8 to 12 years old, interested in experiencing sailing on a larger boat, the Junior Big Boat Sailing class offers sailors the opportunity to cruise with a group of other students on our J/105, a 34.5' keelboat. Students will participate in steering and be introduced to the most basic concepts of sailing on a larger boat. This cruising class will be held Monday-Friday mornings from 9:30am-12pm.

For students ages 13-18 years old, a slightly more technical Teen Big Boat Sailing class will be held Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1pm-4pm. These students will have the opportunity to learn the techniques needed to be on a larger sailboat crew. The same basic skills that are acquired on a small sailboat will be tailored toward a larger, faster hull. These include learning how to work a winch, tacking and gibing as a team, learning to drive at a wheel, etc. The goal of this class is to build confidence and experience, leading up to (instructor approval) racing on our Keelboat Wednesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm, as well as participating in possible off island regattas. Click here to see the Keelboat Youth & Teen schedule.

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