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COVID-19 Policies & Procedures Guide

Nantucket Community Sailing



As of 7/3/2020

Introduction to Policies and Procedures

While COVID-19 has posed challenges, NCS has responded creatively and found ways to meet the needs of the community. For our organization, how we respond this summer will be one of the most important decisions we will make to keep students, families and staff safe. This Policies & Procedure Guide is designed to provide practical procedures for our staff and students alike. It can also be used as a resource for families considering involvement with NCS this summer. We appreciate your patience as we adapt to our new policies and procedures.

Program Structure

NCS Group classes will meet Monday - Friday at the Jetties Sailing Center from Monday, July 13th - Friday, August 14th. The direct phone to the Jetties Sailing Center is: 508-228-5358 (only monitored during class hours - please do not leave a message.) Please read through our Student Parent Handbook ahead of attending class.

Private Lessons will be available seven days/week at our Jetties Sailing Center. Lesson slots are at 10am and 1pm. Lessons are $200 for 2 hours. Phase 2 allows us to teach lessons in Optis only, with a coach boat alongside; we hope to expand our private lesson offerings later in July. Email Assistant Program Director, Emily Pelo Aswad, at to book a lesson and please include date and time preference.

Rental/Open Sailing hours will be from 10am - 5pm Monday - Friday. All rentals must be reserved in advance. Bookings will be available online only (Bookings will open on July 10th.)



Class Size

Opti Blue

9am - 11:30am

12 sailors (3 groups of 4 on-shore)

Opti Green (AM)

9:30am - 12pm

12 sailors (3 groups of 4 on-shore)

Opti Race

1pm - 4:30pm

12 sailors (3 groups of 4 on-shore)

Opti Green (PM)

1:30pm - 4pm

12 sailors (3 groups of 4 on-shore)

Inclement Weather

Due to the nature of sailing classes this year we have added a weather contingency plan.

  • Scenario 1: If NCS foresees the day's forecast to be a washout or too windy, we will cancel classes for the day. We will not move classes indoors or hold them onshore.
  • Scenario 2: If NCS is open and a storm arrives during class times, we will try to keep all students through the end of the class time and social distance, but parents/guardians will need to be "on-call" if their child needs to be picked up early. We expect parents/guardians to be on site for pick-up, no later than 1 hour after initial alert.

*Please be sure to check your email ahead of class each day - this is how we will contact you if class is cancelled.*

*Days that are cancelled by NCS ahead of class start time, will be refundable at the end of the season.*

Parent Expectations

Parents are asked to support NCS in providing a safe space for our students and staff by informing NCS of any changes to their child's health or community exposure. If a student exhibits any symptoms of fever, runny nose, coughing, or shortness of breath, parents are asked to keep them home until their symptoms have subsided. Parents are expected to answer a verbal wellness screening questionnaire daily at drop-off, as well as have their child's temperature taken. If any students show signs of illness during class, they will be separated from the group and their parent will be called to pick them up immediately. Students should not return to class until they are symptom free.

Student Expectations

Students participating in the program are expected to follow NCS policies surrounding behavior, hygiene, health practices, social distancing, face coverings and any recommendations outlined by the CDC. Students must be able to participate at their designated class space and follow instructions from our instructors in order to ensure their safety. Students who show disregard for NCS policies or exhibit intentional disruptive behavior may be asked to leave the program.


The State of Massachusetts recommends a two-week quarantine for anyone who is not residing in the State currently. It is expected that NCS students will quarantine upon arrival to Nantucket, if not currently living in Massachusetts, unless they are coming from a state where quarantine is not required (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine).

Face Coverings

All students and instructors will be required to wear a face covering while on the beach at the Jetties Sailing Center. When on the water, face coverings will be required only when social distancing is not possible. NCS will not provide face coverings to students (but will have extra disposable masks, should a face mask get wet, etc.)

Personal Gear

We ask students to arrive dressed and ready to sail. This includes close-toed shoes, shorts, water shirt, lifejacket, hat/sunglasses, face covering/buff, sailing gloves, etc. Students should also come with a full water bottle and no food (please). Students should provide their own lifejacket, labeled with their name, when possible. NCS will provide and disinfect life jackets to students who do not have their own. If possible, please minimize bringing other gear or excess baggage. There will be a designated area for students to leave their bags/gear when out sailing.


We recommend students and instructors wear full-fingered gloves, while joining us for sailing programs. We recommend Atlas full-fingered gardening gloves, found on Amazon. Note this is a recommendation and not required of our sailors.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Protocol

Please be advised parents/guardians should be prepared to drop off and pick up their youth sailors quickly and on-time as we hope to minimize interactions and group gatherings.

Drop-Off Procedure

- Starting 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled start of a class, NCS instructors will begin checking in students.

- Parents will drive down Bathing Beach Road into the Jetties beach public parking lot. Parents should look for the NCS pop-up tent/drop-off zone on the right side of the parking lot and pull alongside the tent. Cars should wait in a line, guided by NCS instructors and traffic cones.

- Youth sailors should stay in their car and will be greeted by an NCS instructor wearing a face mask. The student and parent - wearing a face mask - will complete a health and wellness check with the instructor (Information on health and wellness check below). If a student passes, the youth sailor will exit the vehicle and proceed down the beach path to the Jetties Sailing Center.

- Youth sailors will be instructed to sanitize their hands upon arrival.

- At this point, the sailor is checked in for the day and can begin rigging their boat for the sailing session.

*IF your student plans to arrive on their own to class (biking or walking), the wellness screening MUST BE COMPLETED by the parent AHEAD of the student's arrival. We have set up this google form, which will timestamp the entry. Student's who arrive, whose parents have not completed this form each morning, will not be allowed to stay for class. Please save this link or find it on our website.*

Pick-Up Procedure

- Parent or guardian should arrive to the Jetties Beach parking lot promptly at the program's end time to pick up their student after sailing. Parent or guardian is kindly asked to remain in the vehicle. Please do not be late. Students will head to the parking lot after class, with an instructor, to help ensure social distancing.

- If students can leave on their own after sailing, please authorize this in advance with an email to Program Director Emily Taylor. After the session, students will be asked to depart immediately to minimize group gatherings.

**Parents/Guardians are asked not to join us at the Jetties Sailing Center this summer, unless for emergencies. If a parent walks down Jetties Beach, we ask that they stay outside the boundary of the Jetties Sailing Center beach-property.**

Health and Wellness Check for Students

Each sailor will answer the following health screening questions, with the help of their parent or guardian, before joining the program for the day. Answers will be recorded in the student's file.

  • Today or in the past 24 hours, have you or any household members had any of the following symptoms? Fever (100.0 伆F or above), felt feverish or had chills, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting), abdominal pain, unexplained rash, fatigue, headache, new loss of smell/taste, new muscle aches or any other signs of illness?
  • In the past 14 days, have you had close contact with a person known to be infected with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • Have you or your parents traveled out of state in the past 14 days?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, the youth sailor will not be allowed to sail and must return home with parent/guardian. There will be no refund for students who are unable to attend because of failing the wellness check.

Student temperatures will be taken with a no-contact infrared thermometer and recorded in the student's file.

  • If the temperature is below 99.9, the student may stay and participate.
  • If the temperature is over 100.0, the student must go home.

General Hygiene

We ask all students and staff to follow best practices to reduce transmission of COVID 19, maintain a healthy program environment and keep each other safe and healthy. CDC Guidelines recommend:

  • Washing or Sanitizing Hands
    • Upon arrival to the Jetties Sailing Center
    • After sailing and derigging
    • After using the restroom
    • Before/after any health assessment or screening of any staff or student

  • Maintaining six feet between other students and staff and do not make physical contact with another person.
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or inside of elbow
  • Stay home if they are sick or know they will not pass wellness screening

Staff Health and Safety Protocols

NCS staff will participate in a daily health and wellness check including temperature reading and similar verbal questionnaire. Responses and temperatures will be recorded. If a staff answers yes to any questions or has a temperature higher than 99.9, they are immediately sent home and further precautions will be taken, which may include closing the Jetties Sailing Center. If at any time a staff member is feeling ill, they will be asked to return home and further precautions will be taken. In addition, NCS will ask each staff member to take a COVID-19 PCR test prior to the start of sailing programs; and may additionally ask them to be tested at other times during the summer. If any staff member tests positive they will stay home for at least 14 days, or until they test negative, and NCS will work with the Nantucket Health Department to take appropriate action.

Safe Learning Space

  • Students shall not change from one class to another, as best as possible.
  • Each group of 4 sailors shall be in a separate area of the beach, with their unique boats 6' apart.
  • Groups shall not mix with each other on shore, but may mix on the water.
  • Only items that can be sanitized/cleaned daily are authorized to be used as part of program (wood, plastic, metal, etc.). Items that cannot be washed or sanitized daily at the facility will be prohibited (stuffed animals, plush toys, etc.).
  • We ask that students do not bring food to the site.

Staff Closing Procedures - Done at Lunch time *and* at 5pm Closing

  • Facilities Maintenance: Disinfect all equipment used during program, including shed spaces, door handles, rigs, boats, kayak paddles, blades, PFDs, etc.
  • End of Class Summary: All wellness screening and temperature records, as well as student and staff attendance will be appropriately logged with the Manager on site. This will include an overview of any incidents.
  • Staff Departure: After all equipment is put away, and the site is disinfected, instructors will be asked to wash their hands before departing (or eating lunch.) Instructors who leave the site and return (for restroom or lunch), will be required to wash their hands.

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