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Hydrofoiling Lessons

Intro to Foiling Clinic

From novice to amateur! Join our new "Intro to Foiling Clinic" and dedicate three mornings to learning to foil. We'll start in the UFO and move to the Waszp with the big foil and smaller rig. This clinic is perfect for experienced sailors looking for a new experience - and one that gets the heart rate going!

The Waszp is a one-design, single-handed foiling boat intended for 8-10+ kts of breeze; the UFO is an 11' foiling catamaran intended as an introductory boat to foiling in 7-10 kts of breeze. Two sizes of rigs and foils are available with the Waszp to expand conditions for teaching students of all sizes (big and small! and sometimes tandem with our coach.) - and the UFO only adds to what we can do, and in what conditions.

The clinic will focus on introducing students to the two boats, rigging, sailing without foiling - focusing on balance, boat-handling, apparent wind and then moving into foiling. The clinic is held Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9 AM-12 PM at our Jetties Sailing Center.

No wind? No problem! We'll still hold class and when we've covered what we can on-shore with the foiling boats, we'll work on balance, by introducing you to windsurfing.

Questions: Book now! You can book by the seat or by all four seats for a fun family week. Private lessons are also available: $300 for a 3-hour lesson. $100 per person, semi-private 3 hour lesson (min. 2 people).

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